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My Background

     I started taking photographs back in the 70’s with a camera that I bought from a friend, I took and developed my first roll of black and white film I was hooked.  A fellow employee at work taught me basic darkroom, I then read all info I could find on darkroom techniques, and just kept practicing .  Photography became my passion.

  In 1990 I stepped into New Orleans and started a long love affair between the city and my photography, which carries on to this day.

  I hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I enjoy taking them. By offering my photographs as canvas prints , it gives them a deep rich look that I do not always see in traditional photographs. I invite you to view the things I find interesting and beautiful.

Photography as Communication

 I am surrounded both by natural beauty and interesting places. As I am in a wheelchair, my view literally differs from most others, I use my camera to show others what things look like from my perspective. Hopefully it is a view you will enjoy.

Sharing Stories

   I update photos fairly regularly, so check back often.  Thank you for looking and hopefully you will find something for your home or office, as a gift for that special friend or loved one.



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